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Agile Finland ry
Product managers in Finland

Product managers in Spain

Tech community in Alcoia

Alicante Frontend
HTML, CSS, JS and everything in between. The Frontend ecosystem is a mess and we love it!

Alicante Tech Meetup
Techies from Alicante

Android Developer Group Berlin
German mobile developers

AWS Community Nordics
AWS user group of Finland

Cordoba Tech Community

Berlin Techs
Tech Community in Berlin
Developer community from Canary Islands that wants to help other devs to access to great job positions around the world

Tech community in Canarias

Communautés Montpellier
Tech community in Montpellier, France

Design:Es is a community around design in Spanish, where all different flavours of design are welcome and where we connect with other interests and disciplines.

.Net community in France

Duchess France
Women Tech community in France

EmberJS Berlin
German JS coders

Full Stack Belgium
Belgium Fullstack Community

Ironhack is a Global Tech School ranked num 2 worldwide. 

Our mission is to help people transform their careers and join a thriving community of tech professionals that love what they do.

MadridDevs is a community aimed to become a meeting point for developers in Madrid, regardless of language or technology

High-performance training center in programming and technology

Madrid Devs
MadridDevs is a community aimed to become a meeting point for developers in Madrid, regardless of language or technology

Mallorca JS Community

Munich IT Meetups
Tech community in Munich

A non intrusive Slack workspace to be up to date on any news about #UX

RoR community in Paris

Porto Codes
Porto Tech Community

Madrid Python Community
Remoters Community has been designed to facilitate the peer-to-peer connections among remote workers around the globe. You can find a flexible place to work or share your home office space with other remote workers.

Spain Scala Community

Slovenia Ruby User Group
Ruby developer from Slovenia

iOS Swift-only French community (+500 users)

Tech community in Tenerife
Meetups in Lithuania for developers

UX community in Helsinki

UXJobsMadrid is a Slack community retrieving job offers in Madrid for UX and UI

VigoTech Alliance
Tech community in Vigo

women on rails
France RoR Community

Yorkshire Digital Community
Bringing Yorkshire's Digital community together

Tech community in Zaragoza