About us

Who are we?

Beebench is an application on Slack which creates a bridge between innovative companies and the skilled freelancers and agile workers they want to hire. We saw that both entities could benefit from a filter that would thoughtfully connect the two directly within the Slack plaform - where our modern workplace is already thriving and evolving. We are first rolling out to connect companies with developers, product managers and UX designers as these were the most urgent needs we saw weren't being met. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out opportunities in more fields.

How does it work

Companies submit their open positions to us via our questionnaire. These jobs get posted to our own Beebench channel as well as being filtered through our app and posted within relevant existing Slack communities.
This means that skilled talent receives hyper-relevant job offers within the channels where they are active daily, and companies receive hyper-relevant candidates.

I would like to hire talent for my company - how do I proceed?

Fill out this questionnaire and we will post your position for you. Once we've posted it, it will go to our #jobs thread and directly into the existing Slack communities that we've hand-selected. Applicants can apply to your positions directly.

I'm interested in following up on job offers - how do I proceed?